The Future is Digital

Will you be part of it?  be left out?  be relevant?  upskill?

As business tasks increasingly get automated within work places, thanks to artificial intelligence, skill sets are replacing job roles. Are you learning the skills you need to be able to give instructions to robots and not be replaced by them?

Our Mission

To develop human capital through digital skills

Digital technology will drive the economic landscape of all countries post-pandemic and the COVID-19 has made this fact clear. The demand for digital skills continues to rise but the supply does not meet up.

Most people who teach web technologies don’t build websites for a living and most competent web technology experts and engineers are often too busy to handhold newbies outside their job schedule. This is how we got inspired to teach the tech stack we use daily, on the job, to learners.

Through interactive training and guidance we equip students, job seekers, fresh graduates, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and business executives with the skills they need to be more productive, relevant and meet the demand in digital skills. This is our contribution to meaningfully economic value exchange.

Our Footprint

Since 2014, we’ve taught digital skills to nearly 10,000 youths in class groups and one-to-one private sessions. This number covers secondary schools, free workshops, NYSC Corps members in and out of camp, SMEDAN & SDG beneficiaries, free and paid trainings, within and outside Ebonyi State.
Join our academy now and start learning a new digital skill.
Join Our Academy

Join Our Academy

It is rewarding to see our students mature from shy individuals into confident coders. The ability to imagine a thing and create it with code unleashes a blooming personality that might be the force of life and purpose for many youths. We are priviledged to be a part of this and wish to see it happen consistently.

Join Our Crew

Become a Trainer

Do you have a digital skill? Can you teach it effectively? Do you love teaching what you know? Could you use some extra cash while teaching what you know and love? Perhaps, these are reasons why our Become a Trainer Programme may be right for you. Apply now for consideration.

Let‘s Train for You

Invite us to train for you

Are you responsible for catering to the digital skills training and incubation of any number of people who may include students, pupils, grant beneficiaries, corporate staff or any group of people who need to learn how to integrate with digital? We might be just who you need to accomplish your digital goals.

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