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The cost of designing a website always depends on the technologies or features which the client is willing to have integrated into the website. We‘ve provided below a list of how these features are available for either a basic website, which we call BENIGN, or an advanced, customized website, which we call BESPOKE.

BENIGN websites are available for a flat fee, while the cost of designing a customized website is determined by the features you specify in our BESPOKE Website Quote Form and is calculated in Naira.

Our Website Design Packages
Features(available inclusions) BENIGN(basic,
get a quote (?)
Number of Pages10 pages max.Unlimited
Custom-built Template
Responsive Design(adapts to smaller screens e.g. tablets, iPhones & smart phones
Contact Forma form which site users can use to send direct emails to site owner
Image Slideshows
Optimized Copyedit content to conform to web semantics
Site Analyticstrack how users use your website
Site Email Addresses
Search Engine-friendly Links
XML Sitemap Submission
Domain Registration
Database-Drivenstore and manage site content from a dynamic database
Content Management System (CMS)enable site owner to edit, add, or remove site pages
E-Commerce Functionality
Discussion Forum
Logo Designing
Social Media IntegrationTwitter, Facebook etc.
Site Search
Custom Forms
Interactive Menus/Navigation
Flashanimations, video intros, & other flash-based content
Member Registrationenable site users to sign up and manage their accounts?
File Transfersupport for file uploads & downloads
Picture Gallery
BreadcrumbsYou are here:
Print-friendly Pages
vCardElectronic Business Card
On-site Sitemap


  1. The cost of building BENIGN websites is subject to review! Call +234 806 675 2717 NOW or use our feedback form to order the design of your BENIGN website.
  2. The cost of building BESPOKE websites depend on the features you're willing to integrate. Use our BESPOKE website quote form to specify those features.
  3. BESPOKE websites inherit the features of BENIGN websites depending on client requirements.
  4. We consider each website we build an instance to create a masterpiece. We deliver tools and features that are several notches above par, underscoring the point that we're coding tomorrow's web pages today.