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Web Design/Development Academy & Studio

There is an abundant demand for digital skills in web technologies in Nigeria but the number of skilled developers who can provide satisfactory service seems in short supply. This is made worse by the fact that the quality of tutoring provided by most instructors in the field is far below thorough.

The Prevalent Problem

We observed that most educators who teach web technologies have mostly never built a functional website that is performing well in the wild. They have also yet to break out of the comfortable endless loop of reusing the same curricula year after year. On the other side of the pond, most of the successful and competent web designers, developers and agencies do not often have the time and/or patience to teach newbies.

This scarcity of skilled and commited professionals creates a scenario where anyone who learns a little seems in their eyes to have known a lot, hence complacency.

Because of how shallow the content they are initially exposed to, they tend to have time to flatten their focus across muliple technologies without deepening knowledge in any, hence jack-of-all.

Newbies are often misguided to spend a whooping amount of time learning tools, frameworks and abstractions instead of learning the principles and the backbone technology that drives these abstractions.

New learners in this confusion are unable to find purpose or direction early and face uncertainty of what career path to settle for.

The general motivation index can be low if there are only a few people who are very good in a particular path. 

The internet has become both a blessing and a curse. It is easy to find knowledge out there but it is just as easy to find misleading knowledge. It takes a special skill to learn on ones own and most people don’t have it. It still remains generally accepted that the best form of learning is a tutor-led approach because accountability, consistency and result is demanded by someone you look upon rather than by your will power when you are learning in a self-paced environment because your will power tends to wax and wane with your mood.

Our Proffered Solution

We not only teach how to build websites, we actively build and maintain websites daily for a list of happy clients. We keep tabs on modern practices and instantly incorporate them in our daily workflow and curricula.

  • We use highly-skilled staff who are actively involved in our web design team and who have the stuff for knowledge impartation to deliver our training curriculum to students.
  • We do not just teach and let the student wonder how this knowledge is going to help them. Because we are in the web design & development industry, we give career advice to help steer our students to make the right career decisions with the skills they have acquired.
  • We organize our trainings in highly interactive environments that ensure that the students always stays motivated by what they hear, see, and do.
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