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Workplace Productivity

Your job may include paperwork and tasks around the office which include viewing and creating documents like spreadsheets, memos, presentations, letters, proposals, forms etc. Knowing how to use the right digital tools for the right task can improve your productivity, saving you time and effort required to acheive basic repetitive tasks.

Office Tools

Learn the right skills to stay ahead in your place of work, become more relevant and boost your career. Everything from Archiving to Word Processing: we teach, coach and hand-hold you all the way to what you define as success.

Increase Productivity

Boost Productivity

The ability to accomplish much work in less time is everyone's workplace utopia. Let’s teach you how to put a big dent on your daily todos using the right digital skills and tools to crunch out top performance consistently.

Next-gen Knowledge

Next-gen Knowledge

You need in-demand skillsets based on new knowledge that will insulate you from the onslaught of Artificial Intelligence & automated tech. Don't get caught in another digital knowledge divide.

Web Technologies

The web of things builds on top of the Internet of Things (IoT) and web technologies will be a major driver of deploying and implementing that architecture. Being able to program the flow of information on the web will be a skill that will be highly sought after and the time to start learning that skill is fast ticking. This is why we teach the pure web technologies that have continued to outlast their abstractions.

Dymystified Learning

Demystified Learning

There’s such a freak tonne of knowledge out there that it easily becomes counter-productive to just start learning without guidance. Let’s help you unravel this mysterious path with professional handholding.

Web Standards

Web Standards

Our web technologies training course content incorporates web standards in line with best practices as stated in the W3C and the IETF web standards specifications.

Up-to-date Courseware

Up-to-date Courseware

Nothing vexes like investing time and money to learn what you didn't know was legacy tech. The content we teach undergoes agile iterations of updates bi-annually.

Remarkable Tutelage

We believe that how you learn is as important as what you learn. Our learning environment and teaching style are designed to give you a rich learning experience.

Connect with Experts

Forging meaningful relationships with people who are established at what you’re learning comes handy in the future.

Post-training Support

Post-training Support

We understand that you may need help going forward and may want to ”phone home“ when you get stuck or need guidance.

Value for Money: Key to Endless Possibilities

Value for Money

We leave in your hands the key to unlocking endless possibilities and new life opportunities.

Why We’re Better

When you want to learn a digital skill, you’ll face a lot of decision making regarding where and how to learn. While we have begun to incorporate online learning, we still argue for the case on instructor-led learning. In this niche, we are way better than most, and the effort we made is deliberate.

Real-time Coding with Projector

Real-time Coding

We don't copy not-tested code from text books and manuals like most amateur training outfits do, we code right in front of you so that you can follow our thought process and understand our coding and debugging mannerism upon which you build your own.

Interactive Trainng through Conversations

Interactive Training

Effective learning, like communication should be a two-way street. And so real-time feedback in the form of questions and suggestions are helpful to enhance learning process. If you like to ask thoughtful questions during lessons, great!

Backup Power Supply

Backup Power Supply

Unlike most web training outfits where trainings do not hold or are interrupted due to power failure, we provide a standby generator to ensure that the learning process is uninterrupted and always on schedule.

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