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We offer web design and development courses that ranging from foundational front-end markup and scripting to advanced back-end server-side coding and query languages. These currently include the popular and standard suite of HTML5, CSS3, Stylesheet Pre-Processing using SASS and LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, Open Source PHP and MySQL.

We also offer a courses in Web Optimization, Web Strategy & Planning, Web Concepts & Trends etc. such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Page Speed Optimization (PSO), Brute Force Protection and Web Security, Information Architecture, User Interface Design (UX Design), Accessibility, Usability, Mobile First, Responsive Web Design (RWD).

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Yes. We partner with third party world standard certification bodies like Prometric and Microsoft Academy to bring you renowned certification examinations to boost your career profile and prospects. This is an optional service and you will have to make a separate payment for it. The amount you’ll have to pay will depend on what the third party charges. If you would like to take a professional certification examination upon the completion of your training, you can call or email our support desk to place an order using the contact details found at our contact page.

We also issue a certificate of completion of training after you have performed satisfactorily well in our in-house examinations. This is not optional and you will not have to make any additional payments to enjoy this service.

Our trainings take place on weekdays at times between (8am – 6pm). For more information regarding our training hours, please visit our training page.
For information regarding our pricing plans and payment methods, visit our pricing page.
Well, since this is a web design and development course, we would not be teaching you how to boot up and shut down a computer, or how to create, copy, move and delete files and folders. You are expected to know these already.

It might also be of advantage to be comfortable with Microsoft Office suite of applications, particularly Word, Excel and Access. Not that we’ll be using them to build websites, but you’ll find that the basic knowledge you have from them is reusable and can be exported. However, you can still learn to build a website even if you do not know them.

It will be an added plus if you very well know how to surf the internet.

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